[LumiNation 2019] Talks – What Society Hides from Itself - Nation-building and the Integrated Resort

Marina Bay Sands is possibly one of the most iconic buildings in Singapore today - so much so that most would not realize how strange it is. This talk brings audiences through the hidden oddities of this building, before shunting back in time to 1968 when the national lottery and the game of Toto were legalised in the context of strident nationalism. The similar question of how to legalise something that was simultaneously criminalised and stigmatised produced similar strategies of architectural camouflage and spatial containment. Through Toto and Marina Bay Sands, this historical reflection asks the larger question of what society hides from itself, and why we remain trapped in a vainglorious myth of "progress without crisis".

About Lumination

Held in conjunction with National Day, LumiNation takes centre stage in The Arts House to explore the Singaporean identity through performances, talks and more. Audiences are invited to discover and reconnect with the quieter parts of the Singaporean conversation over a weekend of thoughtfully curated programmes.

This year, LumiNation explores the theme Building Identity, putting our personal relationships with the nation in conversation with communal narratives and histories, as well as exploring the relationship between the self, place and space in creating a fuller sense of belonging.
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Sun Aug 18, 2019
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Living Room, The Arts House
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1 Old Parliament Ln, Singapore 179429 Singapore
The Arts House